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Hello, and thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet!

My name is Maria and I am the youngest child of five. My Papa is Cuban and Mama from Alabama. I was raised in Georgia and currently live 20 minutes from the home where I spent most of my childhood.

I went to college in Florida for a year and a half before I moved back to Georgia to get married to my best friend, Brent. Just before our second anniversary we had our firstborn child, Lily.

This blog is about my life as a wife and mother. And if that isn’t enough for you I also have three cats and two roommates all of whom keep my on my toes. 

This blog is about my version of “adulting” which mostly includes working toward being a good wife/mom/roommate.

I have lots of stories to share and more are added every day!

So, please, sit back and enjoy the ride!


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Meet my Husband

Brent was born in Indiana. He moved around a lot for the first 20 years of his life before he settled in Georgia.

Brent and I met first in 2011 at a pickup Ultimate Frisbee game. We began working at the same Chick-fil-A restaurant in 2015, started dating early 2016, and married in 2017. 

He and his twin brother, Blake, bought a house together in late 2016 and we all live together with our 3 cats and one other roommate.  

Meet Lily!

Lily is Brent and I’s first child and we couldn’t be more proud of her! 

She is the perfect mixture of us both. She is a very happy girl, always laughing and drooling.  

She made us parents and we are so excited to watch her grow and learn.

meet the Cats!

We currently have three cats! in order from top to bottom as pictured their names are Pepper, Midnight, and Dusty! They are all inside cats and we love them very dearly!
Pepper came into our lives in 2015 when a coworker found him as a kitten outside of her apartments. She named him pepper because of his fur color. She would feet him at night and eventually caught him. She originally wanted to keep him herself but her apartment would not allow pets. She asked Brent and Blake if they would keep him for a little while until she could find a new place to live and eventually decided to not ever take him back. Which they had grown to love him and were very grateful to not have to give him up.
Midnight showed up at a friend’s house in 2016. Brent and Blake were at a said house one night and their friend found her in the woods. She was only a few weeks old at the time and had a cut on her neck. Brent and Blake took her in and decided to call her Midnight because of her black fur and because it was late at night when they found her.
Dusty walked up our driveway on July 4th 2017.. Brent and I were getting into the car so I could drive him to work when we heard a cat mewing. We looked and saw a tiny little kitten limping toward us. His back leg was hurt and he was very small, about the size of my hand. We took him in and after a few weeks decided to name him Dusty, because he looked like a little ball of dust when he ran around.

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