DIY Toy Chest (Using Cabinet Doors)

 Back in September we started revamping our kitchen cabinets. We finally finished that project In February! Only took us six months. But keep in mind that we did have a baby during that time…but mostly it was procrastination. 

Part of the revamping consisted of removing some cabinet doors permanently. In the end we had ten doors that we weren’t going to put back anytime soon…So I decided to make a toy chest for Lily! 

I used six cabinet doors, I was took off two really small cabinet doors so I didn’t have to cut anything. 

The hinges fit perfectly. I didn’t even have to take them off the top door in the first place. Here is the cabinet without the bottom on.

Here is the bottom of the chest. I had to drill the holes first and then screw it in. 

I added four knobs on the bottom to act as feet. 

Here is the finished product with Pepper modeling. 

Here is the very finished product in use.  I painted it with some leftover paint I found in our garage. I was going to paint the lid with chalk paint for Lily to color on when she is older but I lost the motivation. Possibly I will later. For now it sits by our sofa with her toys in it and we put her car seat on top. 

Update: over a year later and still loving this toy chest! I like how right now Lily is too little to open it by herself so when toys are put away she can’t take them out. Here’s a photo of it in use.


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