A Letter to my Abuela

Hey, Abuela, I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I heard a song today that reminded me of you. It makes me sad and happy at the same time. I wonder what you’re doing now. Knowing that you’re well and happy gives me peace. But I still miss you all the time. Even though it’s been two years it still feels like yesterday that I got the call that you passed on.

Hey, Abuela, is there a way for you to watch us down here? If so, I hope you read this. I’d like to think you can only see the good things in our lives and not the bad. I think about all you went through to make a good life for your family. It must have been so difficult to leave the only place you knew to come to a new country. You’ve gone through enough. I’m glad you can enjoy life to the fullest in your new body.

Hey, Abuela, did you ever regret leaving Cuba? I hope not. If you hadn’t left my Papa probably wouldn’t have met my Mama. That’s strange to think about. My siblings and I owe our whole lives to you making that hard journey. Sometimes when my husband is at work I think about how you spend two years away from your husband to come to America. It makes me realize him working an hour away isn’t so bad. And it makes me wonder if I would have been strong enough to  make that same journey.

Hey, Abuela, how’s Abuelo? I’m so glad you finally got to be reunited with him. Remember that large photo you had of him in your house? I used to look at it and it would make me sad that you had to live over twenty years without him. I can’t wait for you to introduce me to him.

Hey, Abuela, did you know I have a little family now? I tell my husband stories about you. Our little girl is getting so big. It makes me so sad you weren’t here to meet her. I sometimes think about how happy it would have made you to hold her and see her sweet smile. I can’t wait until I can tell her about you. 

Hey, Abuela, thank you for the life you lived. You were the strongest person I’ve ever known. I look forward to the day that I’ll get to hug you again and tell you I love you. The day you’ll get to meet my family and I can tell you about how my life turned out after you left. 

Hey, Abuela, I’ll see you in a little while. 

2 thoughts on “A Letter to my Abuela

  1. This made me happy and sad all at the same time. You really do have a way with words. Love you.

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