9 Items I Actually Used 0-6 Months

I’ve put together a list of items that I wouldn’t have wanted to go without the first 6 months having Lily. Some of these I didn’t think I needed until the time came and I was really glad to have them. I would defiantly recommend putting these items or similar ones on your registry.

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1. Diaper Changing Table 

This may seem obvious but I didn’t think I would use a changing table much and almost didn’t get one. But it is actually really helpful to have especially if you are doing cloth diapering and you need a good changing station. My brother in law got ours at a yard sale long before my husband and I were married. I’m not sure if it was actually supposed to be a changing table or not…but we turned it into one! My biggest suggestion would be to get one that has storage underneath and that can also be turned into a shelf or dresser once you’re done having children. I’ve not actually bought this but THIS is kinda what I’m talking about.

2. Nursing pillow/Boppy 

I actually didn’t start using the boppy for actually nursing until she was around a month old. When she was little it was easier to use just a regular pillow. But I have used it for nursing, nap time, playtime (before they can roll over too well you can leave them for a few seconds knowing they’re not going anywhere, great for when you have to run to the bathroom), and I still use it to help her sit up! I got THIS one from my sister, she had used it with her last baby and was it has stood up well.

3. Breast Pump

I used THIS pump every day for the first few months! Especially in the beginning when she wasn’t latching I pumped to get the colostrum for her to take in a bottle. This pump has a battery operated feature but I found it worked better when it was plugged into an outlet. I’ve heard you can get pumps through insurance but my insurance company was being temperamental about maternity bills so I didn’t even try. Thankfully a dear friend offered to buy me a breast pump and I liked the reviews for THIS one best.

4. Baby Swing 

This is another item that I didn’t really think I would use all that much and we used it all the time! Even though she grew out of it by 5 months it was worth having for that long. She loved taking naps in it and when she wasn’t feeling well one night and would wake up when I stopped rocking her I was able to put her in the swing and we both got to sleep! THIS is the brand we got. It’s battery run so you don’t have to worry about having it near an outlet, and it took 3 months for the batteries to die and I used it every day.

5. Activity Jumper

Yes, another item I didn’t think I would use. But THIS activity jumper is amazing and is perfect to have once your baby grows out of their swing. I was kinda wanting one of those bouncy swing things but we have an open floor plan and there wasn’t a convenient doorway in which to put it. My mom kept telling me to get one of these and I kept telling her she probably wouldn’t use it. Then she found one at Goodwill and dropped it off at my house. Lily has loved every minute of it. She will literally spend hours in it which gives me time to do other things…like this blog!

6. Pack ‘n play

A Pack ‘n Play can be used for so many things! We were gifted THIS Pack ‘N Play from my sister, she had used it with her last child and it is still standing! What I like about this one is that it has so many added features to it, a small changing table, a bassinet, and a raised bottom so you don’t break you can reach baby easier. Because we had this we didn’t need to get a bassinet. We were also gifted a second pack ‘n play that didn’t have the extra features and we’ve used that for a play yard both in out living room and even taking it outside.

7. Co-sleeper bed   

Yet another item I didn’t think I would need and was very glad when I had it on hand. I was actually gifted one from a mom friend who had used it for all 5 of her kids. I almost decided to give it away to someone else because I didn’t want to co-sleep when Lily got a bad cold and I was so worried I had her in bed with us. I would definitely recommend having one on hand!

8. High Chair 

We got this when Lily was 4 months and have used it ever since. Even though she wasn’t eating yet it was great to have for her to be able to sit and play and watch me in the kitchen.  THIS is the one we got and even though it recommends baby be at least 6 months of age before using it worked for her when she was 4 months.  I like that it hooks onto the table and not the chair so we can use the chair if we want, and also it stays out of the way. It’s easy to take on and off and folds up well so it’s portable which was important to us. I would defiantly recommend getting a chair even before you start giving baby solids so that they start getting used to being in it.

9. Bumbo

We didn’t get THIS until Lily was about 4 months old but it has come in handy! I have stationed it in our bathroom for when I don’t have time to put here somewhere safe and I need to run. It’s also been useful when I’m doing yard work to just have her sit in the yard in it.


I hope this list was helpful!


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  1. Macy Pitts says:

    I enjoyed reading this, I’m starting to look at ideas for a registry and the simplicity of this list is so useful! Thank you!

    • I’m glad it helped!

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