7 Best Star Wars Themed Baby Clothes

Who doesn’t love Star Wars? If you don’ and are reading this anyways then just go. 

Anyways, I think geeky themed baby clothes are some of the best!  And there aren’t many things more geeky than Star Wars so I put together a list of the best Star Wars baby clothes I could find on Amazon!


Disclaimer: As an Amazon associate I do get a small commission from qualifying purchases.


1. The Force Onesie


This one reads “The force is strong with this one”. Don’t we all hope the force is strong in our child? No? Just me? Okay, moving on. This onesie comes in 13 different colors which makes it perfect for any baby!

2. Future Jedi Onesie


Let the world know that your baby is a future Jedi with this cute onesie! It comes in 12 different colors!

3. I Speak Wookee Onesie

I love how appropriate this is for babies who only make noises! This “I Speak Wookee” onesie comes In 5 different colors! Plus a bib! 

4. Awakens You Onesie 

Yessssss! “The Force that Awakens You” so appropriate for a baby. And it comes in 9 different colors!

5. Princess Onesie 


What little princess would’t be totally adorable in this? Plus, I mean, we all know that Leia is the best princess out there. This onesie comes in gray and pink.

6. Sithed Onesie

This pun is too cute. I would totally get this for newborn since they’re always sithing. It does only come in white. 

 7. The One That Takes the Cake 

5 different Star Wars onesies! I love these so much!! I know its for boys but I’d totally dress my little girl in these. I know $25 is a bit much but that’s only $5 per onesie! 

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