My Honest Instacart Review

Groceries  delivered directly to your door with just the click of a button is just too appealing not to try. But, I’m also a penny pincher so the thought of spending more on groceries than I have to is horrifying to me. Instacart offers free shipping and $10 off your first order. You will need a code but you can find them in abundance with a quick google search. With that in mind I decided to go ahead and try it out for a bit. 

The first week I got my regular groceries with little or no extra cost because of the coupon.

The second week I found a code that said it would give me $30 credit for my next order. The code went through and after my order I got a notification that said I would have $30 free on my next order. 

On the third week I went ahead and checked Instacart. There ended up being no credit on my account and I couldn’t find the notification that said it would be. Thus I decided to not use it this week but instead I conducted an experiment to see how much Instacart actually charged extra. I had noticed the other weeks that some of the prices were higher than I had remembered them being. I made a list and did my own shopping. After I got home I went on Instacart and added the exact same things”l to my virtual cart. Below are the results.

(Side note: all the shopping was conducted at Aldi.)

My shopping total: $46.28

Instacart total: $61.74 (this includes a 5% tip and fees)

As I was adding the items I had bought to my Instacart I noticed each item was slightly higher in price and I began to write the difference down. Instacart’s added an average of .15 cents per item (some items were .50 cents more and others only .06 cents) so my Instacart order total was $4.51 more than my own shopping, before any tip or fees were added. 

I knew Instacart would be more expensive in the end, this is only fair when you’re paying someone to do your shopping. I was surprised that they added on to each item instead of keeping it the items at the same price and Then adding on the extra as a fee at the end.

In the end if I had used Instacart I would have paid an additional $15.46.

I would give Instacart 4 out of 5 stars. I withhold a star because I think adding a little to each item is sneaky. I think it would be more upfront to add it at the end so you could see the fees clearly. And there is the $30 that isn’t in my account.

The final question then is, would Instacart be worth using on a regular basis? Personally I say no. I do my shopping weekly and an extra $60 a month just for connivance isn’t worth it to me. 

But if you don’t mind the extra fees I would suggest you look into it. The convenience is amazing and they do have a subscription that would bring your fees down. But if your like my you’ll save the money Andy get your own shopping done. 


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