10 Christmas Gifts for Under $10

Does the Christmas traffic get worse every year or is it my patience wearing out? My husband and I went to the store this past Saturday (it’s mid November y’all) and the traffic was horrific! I mean I just about started rolling down my window to scream at people horrific. I decided then and there, no more Christmas shopping. The rest of it will be done in the early morning when only the birds are awake or online.

Also, do I end up spending more each year or is my wallet just smaller? Either way I’ve cut back on who I give gifts to and how much I spend on them. $10 and less gifts on amazon are gold! It’s both cheep and you don’t have to get out in that Christmas traffic. If you want to view the item click on the photo or the name.

Disclaimer: As an Amazon associate I get a small commission from qualifying purchases.

1. Stainless Steal Drinking Straws 


This is a great gift for anybody! Guys, girls, and it helps the environment! And if you wanted to add a little something you could put them in a tumbler with some hot coco mix and you have a really great gift!


2. Credit Card Organizer 



Perfect little card organizer that comes in many different colors. If you’re like me you have about a 50 cards and half of them are gift cards that have less than $5 but you can make yourself give them up because that’s money saved…I digress. This is a perfect little gift for anyone! Literally, think of someone you haven’t been sure what to get them and think if they might need a little card organizer. I am willing to put money down to say they do.


3. Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Dripper 



Gift for your coffee loving friend! I have a drip coffee brewer and it makes fantastic coffee! This coupled with a bag coffee beans will leave a caffeine addict well satisfied.



4. Deluxe Tea Infuser 



You know that one friend who doesn’t drink coffee but loves tea? The person that goes to Starbucks because that’s where their friends want to go but they order a strawberry lemonade? While you’re getting your regular friends something coffee related you can give them this amazing tea infuser! It’s great for brewing yourself just a little cup of tea! Since your friend probably never brews more than one cup at a time its the perfect gift for them!


5. Small Glass Teapot 



Another gift for your tea loving friend! This tea pot is only large enough for one serving at a time. It is stove top save and comes with a stainless steal infuser.


6. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace 



Look at this set of necklace pendants that also serve as essential oil diffusers! Two pendants that are both pretty and are useful! These would make a perfect gift for you essential oil loving friend.



7. Trio of Essential Oils Set 



A set of essential oils! Lavender, Tea Tree, and Eucalyptus. This would be perfect to pair with a pair or socks, gloves, or the aromatherapy pendant I mentioned above!


8. Wooden Eyewear Holder 



Know someone who’s always looking for their glasses? Give them something fun to keep their glasses on! I guarantee they will spend less time looking for their glasses and more time laughing at the little wooden face wearing them.



9. Mini Bluetooth Speaker 



I got this speaker a few months ago and it is great! This is so small you could carry it around in your pocket if you want.  This is something I like to use it while I’m watching dishes, its small but loud enough for regular Bluetooth use.



10. 2020 Where’s Waldo Calendar 



This might be my favorite thing on Amazon right now. I’ve always loved searching for Waldo and this Calendar has 16 pages of Waldo searching fun! The first page starts September 2019.

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