How to Keep Kitchen Counters Free of Clutter

I don’t know about you, but whenever there is a glad surface anywhere within my reach I always seem to find a way to clutter it up. It could be a table, shelf, or chair! It doesn’t matter what it is, it only matters that it’s a flat surface easily accessible for me to throw my junk on. 

One that had bothered me for a while is my kitchen counters. They’re so easily cluttered up with food or appliances and it makes the whole kitchen look messy. I finally got to the point where I was done with a consistently messy looking kitchen and I knew the culprit was the cluttered counters. But how was I to fix this mess? 

1. Make cabinet space for what you can 

I’ve kept the toaster on the counter for 3 years and I only use it maybe 6 times a year. I don’t always need that accessible. So it’s on a tray in a cabinet now. Same goes for the food processor. I use it a lot but it’s easy to move so it’s in a cabinet above the outlet I typically plug it into. I’ve cleared space in my cabinets for snacks and fruit that kept being left out. It only took about 3 minutes to reorganize my pots and pans to make a spec for the pot I continually left out on the stove. Once I put away what I could I found that there was very little left out on the counter. 

2. Make counter space for what is necessary   

There are going to be things that are just super convenient to always be on the counter! For me a big one is my kitchen aid. That thing is so heavy, if I kept that in a cabinet I would never use it because it would be such a pain to bring out and put back! Also, my dish drying rack kinda needs a space on the counter. In the end I picked 4 places in the kitchen where I keep things. Next to the sink for the drying rack, a corner for the knifes, spoons, and whisks, a corner for the jars with rice, sugar, and flour, and lastly a space for the kitchen aid. 

3. Keep things in their place. 

this is tip is twofold. 
a) put away things when you’re done with them. 
This one is easy. As soon as I’m done processing food in the food processor I put the base away. If I’ve used the toaster I let it cool off and then I put it back. The main thing for me is if I let something stay out too long it’s like it grows roots there and it’s harder to put away. I gotta do it right away or it’s not happening for a month. 
b) Keep counter things in their space

This may seem repetitive but often I’ll lmov something and it will never find its way back where it’s supposed to be. but I have a little trick that helps me. I keep the things I keep on the counter on something on the counter. For example, the jars with flour, sugar, and rice, if I use one of those I have the tendency to grab the jar, pull it close to where I need it, measure out what I need, and then leave it in this newfound spot for a while. This does not help keep the counters looking tidy. Instead I have a tray basket that I keep the jars on. That way when I need one I either go to where it is to get what I need, or I pull the basket to me and then put it back. It helps keep things in their place so much easier! 

Until the idea is to keep things simple and neat. If you consistently keep things in their place there won’t be as much as a need to clean. And if you keep the things on your counter to a minimum there won’t be a stainless much daily tidying to do thus making your life all that much easier. 

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