Kitchen Table Revamp

 Brent was out of work for a few weeks and during that time we did quite a few household projects. One that I was very excited to get done was revamping our kitchen table. 

This was my family’s table for many years. And when I got married my parents passed it on to me. But 12 years of wear showed. The top of the table especially was worn away. 

I went to Walmart and got stain and polyurethane. 

This is all I got! The stain and the polyurethane were about $15. I also used some sponge brushes, a few rags, sandpaper, and an electric sander. 

First, I sanded the entire top of the table. I didn’t realize how dusty this would turn out to be. I did it inside and the dust from the sander got everywhere. But the sanded table looked great! 

The sanding took about an hour. Then, after cleaning all the dust up I started the staining process. One coat of stain and 3 coats of polyurethane later here’s how it looked! 

The door is open because the smell of the chemicals was overwhelming. We didn’t let Lily stay in there for very much longer than to eat. 

But the finished product was worth it! I’m super happy with my “new” kitchen table. 

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