What I Love About Brent

He likes to clean. He doesn’t mind doing the dishes.

He’s doesn’t get angry easily, whereas I tend to fly off the handle quickly, he knows how to keep his calm. And when he does get upset he thinks carefully about what he’s going to say before he says.

He is very patient. He waited about 6 years to begin to pursue me romantically because he knew I wasn’t ready yet. And he puts up with my drama without complaint.

He’s a really good writer. When we started dating one of the sweetest things he did was start writing me letters.

When he makes jokes he tries to make sure they’re actually good. Sometimes when we’re with friends I can tell he’s thought of a joke but he doesn’t say it, then he lets it run over in his mind a bit before he’s perfected it, and then he waits until the timing is perfect. That may seem like a lot of work for one joke but most guys just spout out something every other minute until somebody laughs and I like that he doesn’t.

He has a really good work ethic. It doesn’t matter what the job is he will do it well. It can take him a long time to finish task but it will always be done right when he’s completed it.

He chose the right person to inspire him. His stepfather wasn’t a good influence and neither was his mother. But instead of following their bad example he looked to his grandfather for inspiration. I never knew Brent’s grandpa but I feel like I know him because I see his characteristics in Brent everyday.

Brent really loves our family. If he has a choice between a quiet evening at home or going out with friends he genuinely wants to be with his family instead.

He’s my favorite person.

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