What I Love About Brent

He likes to clean. He doesn’t mind doing the dishes. He’s doesn’t get angry easily, whereas I tend to fly off the handle quickly, he knows how to keep his calm. And when he does get upset he thinks carefully about what he’s going to say before he says. He is very patient. He waited […]

Easiest Hamburger Recipe

I’ve never been very successful when making hamburgers at home. But I recently stumbled in a recipe in a cookbook my mom gave me that lead me to making a fantastic hamburger that is the easiest homemade hamburger I have ever made! Here is a link to the cookbook The Four Ingredient Cookbooks  

Kitchen Table Revamp

 Brent was out of work for a few weeks and during that time we did quite a few household projects. One that I was very excited to get done was revamping our kitchen table.  This was my family’s table for many years. And when I got married my parents passed it on to me. But […]

How to Keep Kitchen Counters Free of Clutter

I don’t know about you, but whenever there is a glad surface anywhere within my reach I always seem to find a way to clutter it up. It could be a table, shelf, or chair! It doesn’t matter what it is, it only matters that it’s a flat surface easily accessible for me to throw […]

10 Christmas Gifts for Under $10

Does the Christmas traffic get worse every year or is it my patience wearing out? My husband and I went to the store this past Saturday (it’s mid November y’all) and the traffic was horrific! I mean I just about started rolling down my window to scream at people horrific. I decided then and there, […]

My Honest Instacart Review

Groceries  delivered directly to your door with just the click of a button is just too appealing not to try. But, I’m also a penny pincher so the thought of spending more on groceries than I have to is horrifying to me. Instacart offers free shipping and $10 off your first order. You will need […]

7 Best LOTRs and Harry Potter Themed Baby Clothes

Ever since I was around 13 I have loved Lord of the Rings. I realized a while ago that I didn’t have any LOTRs themed clothes for Lily! I started looking at what was out there and found some really great things! I stumbled upon some Harry Potter themed clothes as well and have compiled […]

7 Best Star Wars Themed Baby Clothes

Who doesn’t love Star Wars? If you don’ and are reading this anyways then just go.  Anyways, I think geeky themed baby clothes are some of the best!  And there aren’t many things more geeky than Star Wars so I put together a list of the best Star Wars baby clothes I could find on […]

6 Items I Wish Were On My Baby Registry

I tried to be really stingy with my baby registry because I didn’t want people to buy all the little thing she that I kinda wanted and not get the things I really wanted. Lily is 7 months and looking back there’s a few things I wish I’d put on.  Disclaimer: As an Amazon associate […]