Kitchen Table Revamp

 Brent was out of work for a few weeks and during that time we did quite a few household projects. One that I was very excited to get done was revamping our kitchen table.  This was my family’s table for many years. And when I got married my parents passed it on to me. But […]

How to Keep Kitchen Counters Free of Clutter

I don’t know about you, but whenever there is a glad surface anywhere within my reach I always seem to find a way to clutter it up. It could be a table, shelf, or chair! It doesn’t matter what it is, it only matters that it’s a flat surface easily accessible for me to throw […]

10 Christmas Gifts for Under $10

Does the Christmas traffic get worse every year or is it my patience wearing out? My husband and I went to the store this past Saturday (it’s mid November y’all) and the traffic was horrific! I mean I just about started rolling down my window to scream at people horrific. I decided then and there, […]

My Honest Instacart Review

Groceries  delivered directly to your door with just the click of a button is just too appealing not to try. But, I’m also a penny pincher so the thought of spending more on groceries than I have to is horrifying to me. Instacart offers free shipping and $10 off your first order. You will need […]

7 Best LOTRs and Harry Potter Themed Baby Clothes

Ever since I was around 13 I have loved Lord of the Rings. I realized a while ago that I didn’t have any LOTRs themed clothes for Lily! I started looking at what was out there and found some really great things! I stumbled upon some Harry Potter themed clothes as well and have compiled […]

7 Best Star Wars Themed Baby Clothes

Who doesn’t love Star Wars? If you don’ and are reading this anyways then just go.  Anyways, I think geeky themed baby clothes are some of the best!  And there aren’t many things more geeky than Star Wars so I put together a list of the best Star Wars baby clothes I could find on […]

6 Items I Wish Were On My Baby Registry

I tried to be really stingy with my baby registry because I didn’t want people to buy all the little thing she that I kinda wanted and not get the things I really wanted. Lily is 7 months and looking back there’s a few things I wish I’d put on.  Disclaimer: As an Amazon associate […]

5 Tips for Easier Grocery Shopping

Growing up I hated shopping of any kind but I had a special dislike for grocery shopping. Once I got married I began to start to enjoy grocery shopping! And then I had a child…and now shopping for groceries is an even larger chore. I’ve jotted down some tips for you shoppers (wither you enjoy […]

7 Things You Should be Buying on Amazon

There are some things we use a lot of that is always a great chore to go to the store and buy it time after time. For my husband it’s paper towels. We use a lot of them and he doesn’t mind spending the money on them but he hates the time it take to […]