Kitchen Table Revamp

 Brent was out of work for a few weeks and during that time we did quite a few household projects. One that I was very excited to get done was revamping our kitchen table.  This was my family’s table for many years. And when I got married my parents passed it on to me. But […]

My Sleep Training Experience

A few weeks ago I decided it was time for Lily to start sleeping through the night. I had tried a few things at this point to help her and nothing had worked. At the time she was getting up 3 times a night to eat and I had gotten to the point where I […]

6 Month Lily!

She’s 6 months! I still can’t believe it’s been that long. It seems both like a long and short time. She’s sitting up pretty well now and eating two meals of solid food a day. Shes learning to sleep through the night pretty well and shes weaned off of night feedings all together now. She […]

Sensory Playtime Fail (Helpful Sensory Playtime Tips)

I keep seeing things on Pinterest about sensory playtime and at first I wasn’t really sure what it was. Basically it is letting your little one feel different things (usually in a plastic bag so as to not make a mess) which will both entertain them as well as build their sense of touch. This […]

Organization Hack For Old Baby Clothes

I finally admitted that Lily had grown out of all her 0-3 month clothes. We don’t have a lot of room to store stuff so I knew I needed a good system. I wanted to keep as many as the clothes she wasn’t using stored in one bucket. My mom mentioned to me a while […]

First Family Photo Shoot

My friend from college was in town for a few days and took some family photos for us! My mom made the blanket Lily is on. I have loved seeing Brent interact with Lily! I love how much he loves her! Aren’t they just the sweetest?! Me and my girl!    We wanted to get […]

Lily’s First Photoshoot

Just after Christmas my friend Ansley did a photo shoot with Lily! I love how these photos turned out! Ansley brought the props with her except the a large mirror which we were storing in our extra room at the time.  I got the cloth diaper off of Amazon! You can click HERE for more […]

Lily’s Homebirth

Right Before Labor On December 5th 2018 I had a weird feeling that I might go into labor. I coordinate an afterschool Bible club once a week on Thursdays, and the next day was our last club meeting until January. Around 8pm I jokingly said to Brent, “What if I go into labor tonight and […]

Maternity Photoshoot

My friend wanted to build up her photography portfolio and so she did a maternity photoshoot for Lily and me!  Location: Mcintosh Reserve Park, which has a $5.00 entrance fee per car Maternity Dress: AMAZON for $10.00! (I have recently checked and the price is now $40.00. Not sure why it was so low when […]